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Application for Food Permit to Operate

Welcome to the San Francisco Department of Public Health’s (SFDPH) Food Permit Application Website

Online applications are currently accepted for: Restaurants, Bars, Retail Food Markets, Bakeries, Catering Facilities/Commissaries, Cafeterias, and Caterers. If you need to apply for another type of food business, please visit the Retail Food Safety Program website or contact 415-252-3800 for more details.

Online Food Application Process

Step 1 – Complete the Food Permit Application
If you do not complete the application in a single session, you may save the entered information and return at a later time to complete the process.

Step 2 – Sign the Form
The designated signers will receive an email with instructions to electronically sign the application after it has been submitted.

Step 3 – Pay the Application Fee (if applicable)
An application fee will be required to complete your application submission. (Fee schedule)
You may pay online using e-check, credit or debit card. Check payments sent through the mail and cash/checks submitted at City Hall may incur longer processing times.

Incomplete applications will not be processed. Applications without signatures or payments are considered incomplete.

Important Information Before You Begin Your Application

Please have the following San Francisco Business Registration information ready before you begin your application:
  • Your seven (7) digit Business Account Number (BAN).
  • Your twelve (12) digit Location ID Number (LIN). The specific DBA and location address associated with this application must be registered.
  • Last four (4) digits of your Federal Taxpayer Identification Number.
If your business is not registered with the San Francisco Treasurer & Tax Collector, you must register here.

Depending on your type of food business, additional documentation may be required:
  • A detailed drawing/floor plan depicting all rooms and equipment
  • Menu or listing of foods served
  • Commissary Verification Form (Caterers)
  • Preliminary Zoning Screening Form (Caterers)
  • DD214 form (Honorably discharged U.S. military veterans)
Please note that there is a density cap on retail tobacco establishments. If your food business plans to sell retail tobacco, complete the Pre-application to determine how to qualify for a retail tobacco permit. The Food Permit Application and the Tobacco Permit Application are distinct processes to be completed independent of one another.

Need further assistance?

If you need assistance, please contact (415) 252-3800.

For additional information regarding the Environmental Health Branch - Retail Food Safety Program or to find detailed instructions on completing the application, click here.